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We all have our favourite looks and styles but knowing where to start can be daunting – this is where RKW Unique Living can help. RKW Unique Living strives to provide you with the optimum choice, and equip you with the knowledge and guidance necessary to enable you to help you decide.

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 Roman Blinds Macclesfield by RKW

Why Blinds?

While curtains may seem the obvious first option for your windows the vast quantities of fabrics necessitated, lack of space or traditional nature of them can be problematic. Blinds can offer the perfect solution to this.

Blinds can make use of the natural light your window allows, and introduce an element of simplicity and elegance that a curtain cannot. With seemingly endless choice in style, texture, colour and materials the possibilities are endless.

All our blinds comply with the Make It Safe British Standard Child Safety Guidelines. We are also able to supply electric tracks on the vast majority of our blinds.


Roman Blinds

This is one of our most popular blind styles. The simplicity of the pleats and flexibility of the design ensures that you get the dressing you desire for your window. We have a diverse selection of pattern books for your perusal to ensure you find your optimum fabrics, or we are equally happy to work with fabrics sourced elsewhere.

All of our roman blinds are made in house – upstairs in our shop. This allows us to ensure that the blind you get is exactly what you envisioned. You are also able to benefit from the advice from those who will be making your blind, as well as fully relay what you wish to achieve.

Because of the adaptable nature of roman blinds we are able to offer numerous variations on the standard pattern; blackout lined, interlined, with boarders or without, with a trim, or to simply fold up to the optimum proportion for your window. This adaptability means that the roman blind is the most lavish and plush looking of the blind options available.

Venetian Blinds

Comprised of wooden or aluminium horizontal slats and tapes venetian blind offer a very no fuss, clean and contemporary finish to the room. Venetians are highly functional, easy to use and live with; the simplee wand or cord control allowing you to drop and raise you blind as needed, as well allowing a range of control of light when dropped. We offer venetians in a range of slat widths (28mm to 70mm) and colours (standard natural woods grains and stains as well as a rainbow of striking shades).

The range of finishes available allows these blinds to add an element of fun or equally sophistication to your home interiors without imposing in space. The wood finishes available can also offer a sympathetic finish to a more traditional – offering a comfortable compromise between blind and shutter.

Roller Blinds

Our Roller Blinds are available in a broad range of fabrics, colours and styles, from blackouts to sheers – the possibilities are vast.

Roller blinds can have both a practical and decorative function depending on application. They are the most blackout option of all blinds due to the lack of stitching on the fabric, ensuring a sound nights sleep and reassuring sense of privacy, equally the delicate sheers available can create a subtle courtesy blind to counteract any sense of being overlooked, and nosy neighbours.

For more decorative purposes we have available a collection of blinds with digital printed pictures, using the flat expanse of the cloth as a canvas, for something truly unique, as well as range of equally decorative and beautifully presented collections in collaborations with artists and designers form NV Blinds. Or for something more of a statement and eccentric in nature we sell Silent Gliss’ Colourama Blinds – a bold, vibrant and fun addition to your home.

Duo Roller Blinds

Like our diverse range of roller blinds these duo blinds need less space, but still manage to create an impact. The hit and miss stripe design allows you control of how much light comes into your room while adding a variation of detail and pattern depending how you leave them. These are a more decorative way to bring an element of privacy to your room.


Duette Blinds

The interaction between light and shadow is essential to beauty in Japanese design and these unique blinds certainly show this. The concertina, origami like folds of these paper blinds makes for a simple, atmospheric addition to the room. Available in range of vibrant and beautiful mineral and natural shades, as well as blackout and FR finishes.


The vast majority of our blinds are available to fit skylight and conservatory windows through the intu fit frames. We also offer Velux’s own collection of blinds to give you complete piece of mind that your blind will fit.


Most commonly seen in offices and other such public buildings vertical blinds are a simple, practical solution to dressing your windows. Perfect for long drops and easy to move out of the way they are good solution for patio doors. We also offer Silent Gliss’ quirky take on this classic style with their wavy option – fun, eccentric and slightly mad.

Panel Blinds

Simple pieces of cloth held taught that slide behind one another, in a similar fashion to a sliding door. These unique items are available in range of colours and styles, patterned and plain and can provide a very simple and clean aesthetic for your home.


Clean, simple and stylish. Shutters can bring a sleek finish to your windows while remaining sympathetic to traditional homes and conversely looking equally fitting in a more modern setting with minimal fuss. Available in range of colours and finishes.


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